Parental Partnership


Our nurseries acknowledge the importance of parental partnership and work hard to foster good relationships. We have an established charter for parental partnership and are thoroughly committed to creating excellent relationships.


The nurseries recognise the importance of verbal communication and parents are actively encouraged to discuss the needs and progress of their children with the Key Persons whenever it is necessary. The nurseries encourage open access and stress that as long as the children are not being disturbed, parents do not need an appointment time to come and see what they are doing throughout the day.


In addition to daily verbal communications, Ducklings Day Nurseries communicates to parents via notice boards, written report sheets, open days, developmental charts, daily diaries and newsletters. Finally, we aim to listen to parents’ views and consider their suggestions, ideas and opinions whenever they arise. We have suggestions boxes and we encourage parents to complete the Suggestions and Comments forms that are provided within the Welcome Pack. We endorse the formula of happy parents + happy practitioners = happy children.


“Nursery has been a fantastic time for our little boy. The love and care he has had has really helped him grow up to be the lovely little boy he is today.”   K & J.


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